Mini Thunder II 2010

The first Mini Thunder car show on February 14, 2010 at the Colusa Casino in conjunction with the Casino, ThunderHill Raceway and the Redwood Empire Mini owners club was a great success.  The very unique opportunity provided a great starting point for an extended week-end that included Mini Cooper at CasinoValentine’s Day and Presidents day.  A special package provided by the casino insured that day was not forgotten.  
The car show started at 1pm with awards and prizes by 5pm.  The cars were a great mix of both Classic and BMW Minis with even a few race cars of each.  While some of us simply dusted our cars, many of the participants spent a lot of effort with that special touch to make it all the better.  The ‘personal touch’ was definitely the flavor of the day with everything from flames to flowers.

Mini Cooper Casino2

Mini Cooper Casino 3

Mini Cooper Casino 4

Mini Cooper Casino 5

Mini Cooper Casino 6